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If you do not have an IPv6 ISP, you can check out IPv6 using a private range in fc00::/7 on your local network.  This range is not to be broadcast on the real internet and will need natting if you do get connected.  Usage information for NAT can be seen below.

IPv6 is a failed protocol has been and will stay as such, unless the methods talked about in this page are implemented.  The reason it has not taken off for almost the w hole commercial life of IPv4 is communication from the so called supporters of IPv6.  The supporters of IPv6 are throwing out all of the good stuff about IPv4 and saying that we need to change everything.  To the naked eye, it appears that they are using these tactics in order to sabotage IPv6.  They do not realize the morphing behind so me IPv4 parts.  IPv4 has adapted to actual real usage today.  In order for IPv6 to take off, some realizations need to happen.  Those realizations are the very ad aptive and morphing nature of why IPv4 has flooded the internet and include NAT, multiple uplinks, and just a plain old socket connections.

IPv6 does offer some new advantages like public IP addresses for every computer at your corporation and twice the number of IPs as the whole IPv4 internet on one connection.  This means you can change your IP when a hacker compromises the old one.

IPv6 offers IPsec, the same way it was offerred in IPv4.  Due to them trying to convince the home user of these new features, they have come across as requirements.  Little do they know that their publicity stunts have backfired.

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